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It all began in my flat bathroom back in the spring of 2000, where I developed 35mm film and printed my very first black and white photograph. The enlarger was wedged under the sink taps and the developing trays floated on bath water, but I remember clearly the elation I felt as, under red light, the image emerged as the developer liquid lapped the light sensitive paper. 

Times have changed significantly since then. In those early years I captured on 6x7 medium format and supplied slides to image libraries that reached a worldwide market, and sold my prints at fairs and exhibitions. These experiences allowed me to capture the beauty of nature and the rawness of humanity through the lens of my camera.

As life unfolded and I welcomed two wonderful children, I traded my travel bag for a studio setting, focusing on product photography and corporate events mainly. It was a different chapter in my photographic journey, one filled with creative challenges and professional growth.

Today, I find myself in the vibrant city of Bangkok, once again rekindling my passion for adventure, and I am excited to combine my talents by joining the team at Saffron Asia Media Co., Ltd. 

Join me and contact or connect via social media. 

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